Why choose wireless in a video surveillance network?

Deployment flexibility 
install anywhere you want

Network scalability 
increase the size of the network easily

Time efficiency 
save time with faster deployment and quick configuration

save the cost of running cables everywhere and just go wireless!

Most CCTV installers are very aware of the difficulties faced when trying to install an IP CCTV camera in a remote location, it can become very costly, and sometimes it’s not even an option due to the lengthy cable runs and difficult environments.

SpeedAir modems provide Wireless connectivity for HD video cameras that eliminates wires! reduces costs, and provides a modern and dynamic outdoor wireless network to enhance safety and quality life of everyone.

What Does SpeedAir Offer Regarding Wireless Video Surveillance?

Industry highest number of concurrent CCTV cameras 

Reliable transmission in los and nlos 

High level security communication 

Low power consumption, battery powered client stations

SpeedAir is the industry only technology able to link up many 100s of CCTV cameras, in a cable-free, fully wireless manner.

While with conventional technologies, the throughput deceases and latency increases exponentially with the number of CCTV cameras, SPEEDAIR modems feature a proprietary OFDM transceiver that delivers high throughput and low latency while still supporting as many Cameras as required by the user.

SPEEDAIR modems excel in delivering the lowest power consumption while preserving bandwidth and communications between nodes, and can be battery powered.

Wireless Video Surveillance Infrastructure Products You Might Like

MCS-FA Series

Integrated antenna mesh client station wireless devices designed for video surveillance IP cameras

MCS-NA Series

External antenna mesh client station wireless devices  designed for video surveillance IP cameras

You want to know how SpeedAir’s solutions can help you solving your CCTV wireless video surveillance network issues? Contact us now!