DSP IP-Cores

Along with Fully integrated Physical Layer Cores, we provide CUSTOMIZABLE BASEBAND DSP MODULES. Below is a sampling of some of the IP Cores we have designed and taken to production for our clients.

Our engineers develop DSP IP Cores for Baseband and RF Signal Processing.
We provide high performance, high efficiency, and low power consumption IP Cores for Physical and MAC/LLC Layers

Our IP Cores cover a number of wireless and RF areas, including STANDARD LICENSE FREE PROTOCOLS such as 802.11p and 802.11a.

  • Fully pipelined high speed duo-binary turbo encoder/decoder
  • Variable size FFT/IFFT
  • CORDIC engine
  • Clock cores for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol
  • GPS-PPS signal de-jitter IP
  • AES encrypter/decrypter
  • Configurable Viterbi decoder
  • OFDM channel estimator
  • Configurable OFDM frame detector and synchronizer
  • Digital I/Q Imbalance correction IP for OFDM systems