CODINTEK offers an automated solutions for extra-large smart parking lots, that take advantage of the valuable parking space, increase parking capacity, and serve more customers.

CODINTEK’s parking sensors and gateways form a modular, infrastructure-based sensor system that allows you to effortlessly form a clear picture of where available parking spaces can be found and how long each space has been occupied for; while streaming all CCTV surveillance camera videos to a control room.

We are able to wirelessly sense and control parking lots with spaces number up-to many 100.000s, while capturing and recording in real-time all its CCTV surveillance camera videos.


Industry highest number of parking spaces

CODINTEK’s solution is able to wirelessly sense and control parking lots with 100.000s of spaces, which is impossible with conventional IoT technologies

Knowing where to park without searching

This prevents car driver from wasting time looking for a parking space. Car driver knows from entrance where to go exactly to find his free space

Active routing support

Drivers use the collected data to find out about currently available parking spaces. Route planning apps, integrated navigation systems, and real-time video streaming of the parking lot itself, minimize the time spent in search for a parking space.

Parking wireless video surveillance

You can install your CCTV surveillance cameras anywhere you want, and easily increase the number of cameras, while saving the cost of running cables everywhere, just go wireless!

Parking bay sensors – SPEEDAIR technology

The CODINTEK parking bay sensor is an ultra-low-power magnetic detector. It is used for detecting parked vehicles as well as recording parking start and end times. The sensors are embedded in the pavement and contain an integrated, battery-powered wireless receiver/transmitter. The recorded data are transmitted to a repeater, which forwards the information to the back-office system for analysis.

In comparison to other sense networking technologies such as LORA and SIGFOX, SPEEDAIR networking technology developed by CODINTEK for parking management offers a decisive advantage: supporting as many parking spaces as required by the user, while guaranteeing a continuous data flow from each sensor.