Modular Radio Platforms

MRP-A200 (Modular Radio Platform) is a high-performance, fully configurable software defined radio (SDR) platform that enables faster innovation and progression in new generation communication technologies.
The real-time configurable hardware along with an easy to use simulation framework enhance students and academic researchers understanding wireless transmission while being quickly confronted with practical constraints generally left out during theoretical lectures and trainings.
A Matlab-based software suite allows in a very short time Labs and industrials realizing and field-testing a complete transmission system prototypes.

  • High-rate full-duplex RF transceiver:
    • Full duplex 40Mhz channels
    • 5 GHz unlicensed band
    • Support 2×2 MIMO
  • High performance Microsemi Smartfusion 2 SoC:
    • 56KLE FPGA
    • Arm Cortex-M3 processor
    • Supports Flash Freeze mode for low power application
  • 512MB Low Power DDR
  • Programmable clock generator
  • RJ45 for 10/100Mbits Ethernet
  • Power supply
    • Single 12V Power supply
    • On-board high-efficiency DC-DC converters